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Start Coding for Nabot AI

July 28,2021


While programming Nabot, you will learn how to approach a problem, break it down to smaller pieces, and think like a programmer. Let's see the process of coding on a smartphone for Nabot. We will learn how the code is created, deployed on Nabot, and how it works. 

You don’t need a rocket science degree to figure out Nabot’s simple coding interface. Create unique tasks that matter to you through your smartphone. Drag, drop and code with confidence.

Nabot AI posing with arm open and LED on

We will start with a simple code to drive Nabot on an imaginary circle. The robot will start moving forward on a circular path when it turns one wheel with a greater force than the other. The bigger the difference the smaller the circle will be. Knowing this will make writing code to draw a circle with the robot seem easy. However, figuring out how to write the code in such a way that the radius of the rotation can be controlled is more challenging and satisfying.

Create a new code policy by tapping on the code button:

Nabot AI app creating new code

Drag and drop appropriate blocks so you get them in the following order:

Nabot AI smart robot code sample going in a circle

Save the code and give it a name like "Circle" and close the code editor:

Nabot AI smart robot saving sample code

Select the code from the policy list:

selecting the code for Ximpatico Nabot AI

Tap on the play button to execute the code:

running a code for Ximpatico Nabot AI

Voila! Just like that your Nabot AI will go in a circle. You can adjust the radius value to make the circle smaller or larger.

Nabot AI going in a circle using sample code

About Ximpatico

We are Ximpatico, a venture-backed and NSF SBIR award winning startup based in the US with offices in San Jose, CA and Orlando, FL. Founders are Ph.D. graduates in computer science and engineering behind the state-of-the-art in AI and robotics. We developed a cutting-edge AI technology back in 2016 in our research lab.



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