Thank you for purchasing Scout AI

In order to connect to your robot, you need to download our mobile apps using the links below:

AI Mobile App

- Please download the following app on Google Play or App store.

- While connected to the internet, open the app and enter the serial number you can find in the battery compartment of the robot.

- Connect your phone or tablet to robot's WiFi network with the name "DII...".

- Go back to the app and this time it should connect to the robot and you will see images from robot's camera on your phone's screen.

- If encountered any connection problem, try disconnecting from 4G network by putting your phone into flight mode. Also, restarting the app might help.

VR Mobile App

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Instructional Video

We are working on an instructional video for Scout AI and will post it in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, you can take a look at a related video of Nabot AI, a similar product we have. The app is similar so it might help you find out how Scout AI works.