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Watch the video or follow the instructions to setup your Scout AI


- To charge the battery, you can connect the battery to the charging cable and connect it to a USB port on a PC or a phone charger.

- Please download the following apps on Google Play or App store.

- While connected to the internet, open the app and enter the serial number you can find in the battery compartment of the robot.

- Connect your phone or tablet to robot's WiFi network with the name "DII...".

- Go back to the app and this time it should connect to the robot and you will see images from robot's camera on your phone's screen.

- If encountered any connection problem, try disconnecting from 4G network by putting your phone into flight mode. Also, restarting the app might help.

1- AI & Programming App

The first app

- Offers educational visual drag and drop coding interface based on Blockly

- Enables battle mode based on computer vision and object detection

- Please note that currently the AI Android app works on Android 9.0 andabove and because of that there are compatibility issues with someversions of Kindle Fire. If the app crashes, please try it on anotherdevice and let us know if the problem persists.

2- VR & RC Driving App

The second app

- Offers better driving experience

- Enables the Infrared battle mode

- Runs on older Android versions

- Takes pictures and record videos

- Has VR mode

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